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Industry sector

Industry involves medicine, commercial concrete, concrete admixtures, chemicals, overseas industries, etc.

Sansheng Shares Overseas


Orienting towards plurality and internalization, the Company is striving to extend its market overseas. The establishment of Sansheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd and Sansheng Building Material Co., Ltd in Ethiopia in 2016 was the first step toward the world, mutually complementary with domestic industries, which laid a solid foundation for the establishment of the first-rate listed modern company. 


Sansheng pharmaceutical Industrical Co.,Ltd(Ethiopia)

In the first phase of its construction, Sansheng Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. invested by Sansheng Shares adopts the most advanced facilities and technology. The whole production line consists of the productions line for solid preparation, soft bag infusion, ampoule small aqua acupuncture. Solid preparation products, with an annual output of 3 billion tablets, include antibiotics, vitamins, gastrointestinal tract, anti tuberculosis and antipyretic analgesic. Production line for soft infusion bag is an automatic production line. In light of the local situation of Ethiopia, the production in the first phase mainly focuses on basic infusion, with a maximum annual output of 10 million bags. In the future, subsequent research, in accordance with the actual pharmaceutical needs, will be carried out on the remedial infusion of anti-inflammatory and analgesic, and antibiotic. Ampoule small aqua acupuncture comprises three automatic production lines, mainly producing antibiotics in the first phase, with maximum annual output of 0.3 billion. In addition, the subsequent investment will widen the production scope to put an end to the history of Ethiopia without bulk drug. 

Sansheng Building Materical Co.,Ltd.(Ethiopia)

Sansheng Building Material Co. Ltd. invested by Sansheng Shares is dedicated to manufacturing of new building materials such as water reducing agent, commodity concrete, concrete prefabricated components. The founding of the Company has not only promoted the economic development of Ethiopia, but also extended the overseas market of Sansheng Shares. 
Sansheng Building Material Co. Ltd (Ethiopia) is located in the Oriental Industrial Park in Ethiopia, the products of which include quality water reducing agent, commodity concrete, etc. It adopts the domestically most advanced production process and machinery equipment such as automatic centrifugal frequency conversion control, concrete pumping cloth, automatic steel bar processing,  automatic steam curing temperature control. 
Sansheng Prefabricated Component Plant which is under construction also makes use of the domestically most advanced complete pole production equipment and advanced production process, adopts a series of advanced technology such as automatic cutting processing of prestressing steel, automatic pump feeding of commodity concrete, automatic control of centrifugal frequency, automatic constant temperature control and regulation, with a production capacity of producing annually 100 thousand prefabricated poles of various types and 80 thousand meters of concrete water (drainage) pipes of various type (diameters Ф300mm-Ф3000mm)