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Industry sector

Industry involves medicine, commercial concrete, concrete admixtures, chemicals, overseas industries, etc.


From building materials and chemicals to medical health, Sansheng shares have achieved leap-forward development.

In 2015, he became a shareholder of Chongqing Chunrui Pharmaceutical and Chemical Co., Ltd., and acquired Jilin Baikang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in 2016 to further promote the complete construction of the pharmaceutical health industry chain. In the same year, he invested in Sansheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Ethiopia, marking the official launch of Sansheng Co., Ltd. .



Chunrui Medical&Chemical

Chpfigqing Chuni Medical and Chemical Co, Ltd, first restructured from Luoqi Chemical Plant in 2003 and developed into a joint stock in 2015, is a Molding subsidiary of Sansheng Shares with Sansheng purchased 60% of its shares in 2017. It is an anterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of fine chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates.

The company is located in Laoqi Town of Yubei District, north bank of Yangtze River, adjacent to Chongqing Bonded Port Zone, national-evel Liangjiang New Area and Changshou Chemical lndustrial Park. With the development of the compeny, Chunrui bought a piece onand of 100 mu(6.67 hectare) in Wusheng Central Industrial Park, Guang' an ity, Sichuan Province in 2007, and established a wholly owned subsidiary Sichuan Wusheng Chunrui Medical Chemical Co.,Ltd,with registered capital of 10 million RMB In 2015, Chunrui purchased 94% of the shares of Shandong Shouguang Zengrui Chemical Co.,Ltd, making it a holding subsidiary of the company.
The products of Chunrui include procaine hydrocloride, cefoxitin intermediate, chloramphenicol intermediate, chloramphenicol (AA), aztreonam intermediate, orlistat intermediate and folic acid. Meanwhile, the company cooperates with world's top 500 enterprises to produce intermediates fo ANTI-AIDS drugs, anti diabetes drugs and anti-hepatitis C drugs. The quality standard of its main products such as procaine hydrochloride, cefoxinn intermediate, chloramphenicol intermediate and chloramphenicol has reached the standard of British Pharmacopoeia and US Pharmacopoeia. Among its products, procaine hydrochloride has been awarded the title of Chongqing Hi-tech Product and has been registered in Europe. India and so on. Chloramphenicol intermediate has passed FDA inspection in 2014. 
With import-export right. Chunrui exports its products to India, Southeast Asia Russia, South America and other overseas markets. Domestically, the products are mainly sold to such companies as Wuhan Wuyao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd,Northeast Pharmaceutical Group Co, Ltd, Jiangxi Dongfeng Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd,Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical Group Co. Ltd, Yangzhou No. 3 Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd. and Chongqing Porton Fine Chemicals Ltd. The products procaine hydrochloride, chloramphenicol and cefoxitin have been dominating the market in the field.



Liaoyuan Baikang Pharmaceutical Industry Co.,Ltd.

Liaoyuan Baikang Pharmaceutical Industry Co. Ltd., is a pharmaceutical enterprise with a history of about 60 years.
Baikang Pharmaceutical Industry has 104 varieties of products, including 20 bulk drugs, 84 tablets, capsules, and granules. The leading varieties of crude drugs are p-acetaminophenol, cloperastine hydrochloride, levofloxacin, benorylate, moroxydine hydrochloride, aethocaine hydrochloride, diphenhydramine hydrochloride, foroxone, and benproperine phosphate. The annual output of preparation is more than 2 billion, mainly including compound paracetamol and diphenhydramine hydrochloride tablets, tabllae cloperastini hydrochloride, paracetamol tablets, famotidine tablets, clarithromycin sustained release tablets, diclofenac sodium enteric-coated tablets. 

The Company has import-export operation right. 70% of its acetaminophen products are exported to international and Hong Kong and Taiwan regions. It has passed 2010 GMP certification, and is applying for US FDA certification. With the certifications, its products have entered US markets, and its acetaminophen product is awarded with EU COS certificate, India registration certificate, and Russia registration certificate, which has helped promote its competitiveness of its enterprise brand in international market.