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Career development

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Talent Idea

Talent is an important resource for the sustainable development of Sansheng and an important support for strategic landing. Through the establishment of a dedicated, dynamic and modern human resources platform, we will establish a high-quality team with consistent careers, good professional ethics, professional competence and reasonable talent structure to provide a strong talent reserve and intellectual support for the sustainable development of Sansheng. .
“Selection and recruitment of talents”: Based on the principle of combining talents and talents, and selecting and appointing talents, we will establish a mechanism for selecting and hiring talents for internal competition and external recruitment on the principle of fairness, fairness, justice and openness. Opposing the pursuit of "high-precision", paying more attention to the rational structure of the team of people and the adaptation of people and posts, and continuously discovering, selecting, and introducing various talents for the development of Sansheng, and providing reserves for the establishment of the Sansheng talent team. Resources.
Establish an exit mechanism for each position. Through the dismissal of unqualified managers, the dismissal of unqualified employees, and the resignation of unsuccessful employees, in order to achieve the ability to activate talents and stabilize the backbone, keep the on-duty personnel in a moderate flow state and achieve dynamic optimization of the talent team.
“The configuration of talents”: Every position of Sansheng is open to all employees, creating an opportunity for one member L to show his talents. Based on the principle of quantity application, performance orientation, fairness and justice, we use the talent assessment system to explore the potential of employees, the performance management system, and the ability of employees to select suitable positions in an open competitive manner. : Career development pleading and the company's talent resources optimization and matching machine to promote the dynamic optimization of personnel, M to ensure that "people are suitable for their jobs, people do their best."
“Cultivation of Talents”: As a company with an industrial dream, Sansheng should also be a school with the ability to cultivate talents. We are committed to establishing a learning organization, through the establishment of a systematic training management system, and combining it with the talent evaluation system and performance management system, to achieve targeted and oriented training for employees around the development needs of enterprises and employees' development needs. , continuously improve its comprehensive quality and professional ability, help talents continue to grow, achieve the continuous contribution of employees to the development of the enterprise, and achieve the goal of win-win between the enterprise and the employees.
"Retention of Talents": The retention of talents adheres to the principle of "sense and benefit", and through the establishment of a reasonable salary system, performance management system, and employee promotion mechanism, Rewarding the job and the diligent, encourages the talent to achieve the maximum self-worth in the work, and obtain the corresponding material reward and career achievements; through the corporate culture construction to build the emotional bond between the employee and the employee, between the employee and the enterprise In order to let the outstanding talents identify with Sansheng, they are willing to grow together with Sansheng.