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Industry sector

Industry involves medicine, commercial concrete, concrete admixtures, chemicals, overseas industries, etc.

R & D

The quest for perfection requires consistent innovation. Through continuous improvement, Sanshang Shares, an ISO 9001&SO 14001 certified enterprise, has developed a series of manufacturing techniques and preparation methods with independent intellectual property rights, ranging from R&D to production. Up to now Sansheng Shares has obtained 17 national patent technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and is granted the title "Chongqing Hi-tech Enterprise."


Scientific Research Results in Commercial Concrete

Sansheng Shares has established long-term communication and cooperation relations with scientific research institutes such as China Building Material Academy Chongqing University and Chongqing Building Science Academy, and specially employs senior experts in concrete industry to provide long-term technological support. Sansheng Shares presently has the production capacity and construction experience to produce ordinary high-performance concrete with strength grade ranging from C10 to C100.


Scientific Research Results in Concrete Admixtures

Chongqing Concrete Admixtures Engineering Technology Research Center established by Sansheng Shares on the approval of Chongqing Science Technology Commission, specializes in the R&D and innovation of admixtures and builds extensive cooperation with scientific research institutes like China Building Material Academy Bejing University of Technology and Chongqing University.

Sansheng Shares has established full automatic production lines for aliphatic superplasticizer amino sulfonate superplasticizer and polycarboxylate superplasticizer It now possesses patent technologies in admixtures and is the drafter of one state standard, two industry standards and one provincial standard in admixtures.


Scientific Research Results in Sulfuric Acid Production from Gypsum

With its self-owned technology, the chemical subsidiary of Sansheng Shares has established the first domestic automatic production line for integrated production of sulfuric acid, cement and expansive agent from gypsum. Meanwhile, the flue gas output from gypsum calcining is used as the raw material of fluid sulfur dioxide, sodium metabisulfite and sulfric acid. This technology has not only solved the Three Wastes in traditional building materials and chemicals production, but also follows the philosophy of low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection in circular economy.

Owning to its innovative value, the application of integrated production of sulfuric acid cement and expansive agent from gypsum was approved as National Torch Program in 2012.


Scientific Research Results in Pharmaceutical

Owning to huge investment in the software and hardware of pharmaceutical, Sansheng Shares has created excellent scientific research strength equal to that of a first-rate national pharmaceutical company 


The R&D center of Baikang Pharmaceutical is equipped with about 410 first-rate experimental and analytical instruments and more than 80 high-quality stat, of which 70% hold master degree or above.

Sansheng Shares investment in Ethiopia to set up Sansheng Pharmaceutical PLC will draw an end to Ethiopian history without API production. With the most advanced equipments and technologies, Sansheng Pharmaceutical line with annual output of 2 billion tablets, 1 billion capsules and 20 million large volume P.L.C .will build up a production parenterals the follow-up investmen from Sansheng Shares would broaden its production scope as well.